Live Performance In Wedding Ceremony – Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Choose The Best

Number Of Years They Have Been In The Industry: You can never compare a "newbie" in the band with someone that has stayed for a long time in that industry. They say that experience is the best teacher. Someone that has stayed a number of years in the field should be able to manage any situation.

Even when you call them on at a very odd time, they would be able to manage the situation and come out with the best. They are able to know when the audience is flowing with them and when there is need to change to another tune in order to get their attention. Just go through all and you will come back to thank us later.

So many people have entered music industry even those that are not professionals in that field are beginning to delve into it making it more difficult for people to know which one is the best. This has posed a great challenge to event managers and those planning for their marriage ceremonies. They now find difficult to choose the best because of the confusion all over the place. As a result of this, we have come up with 10 tips that can help you choose the best among equals.


The tips are:


Great Musical Skills: It is one thing to know how to play band and it is another thing to be greatly talented in playing it. Being talented or skilled in handling band is what distinguishes a player from others. If you have good instruments but don't know how to skillfully handle it, it is as good as not having it at all. Your guests don't look out for how many instruments on the ground rather on how the players can skillfully use it to deliver what they want. So look out for people with great musical skills.


Different Collections: Look out for those that have different collections of music. Variety is what can easily attract your guest and get them entertained for a very long time but when the band plays solo, definitely, the guests will be wearied soon. So look out for the band that has different collections of both old and new songs that can move and keep the audience on their toes until the end of the wedding ceremony.


Experts: Wedding is done once in a lifetime, anybody would want the best for this one-time event to make the day memorable. Most people go for experts on this great day that will be able to manage their day for them and give them suggestions on what and what to put in place in order to get the best out of the music for the day. An expert will be able to study the organizer and be able to know what he or she wants. It is better to go for an expert that can perform very well in Live Performance.


Compare And Distinguish Between Different Bands: Make your research, ask people about them and also go online to find out more about them. Interact with them one on one and request to speak with their managers. Get their contacts online and check how rich and well organized their sites are. The kind of recordings they place on their sites and how good they are in interacting with you will go a long way in helping you know the best among them and you will be able to make your choice. For more information on the different bands, check



Compare The Prices Between Different Bands: As you are comparing the bands, also remember to compare their prices. Ask for how they charge for their performance and compare it with others.


Some states the price and include "terms and conditions applied", to be on safe side, ask for what that stands for so that there will be mutual understanding between you and the band before they commence. Ask for how many equipments they are coming with and how many minutes or hours they will play and compare it with others before you take your final decision.

Request To View Their Live Band Before The Hiring: Some of them might noreally have a recorded event that you can view before committing them. In that case, request to come and watch them play anytime they have a live performance, so you can be able to know how they play their band and entertain people before making the commitment.




Check Whether To Book Through Agent Or Direct With The Band: At this point, you need to decide whether you want to book through an agent or meet them directly by yourself. When you book through an agent, you are sure of getting a better band because they have been dealing with them for years and know the ones that perform better than others. But because you have not been dealing with them, you might not easily know the best with ease like that. The only option with this is that you have to pay a little bit higher because agency fee which you need to pay. If you want to go for this option, bargain well with the agent before you take the final decision.  If your budget cannot accommodate paying extra money for the band, then you can book them directly without going through an agent.

Make An Estimate Of How Much You Want To Pay: In making an estimate, consider where they are coming from, that is the distance they have to cover. Also, check how many instruments they are bringing and how many people coming with them.  These and many other inquiries will guide you in estimating how much to pay before you get them involved.


Finally Decide If DJ Or Live Band Would Offer What You Want: DJ is actually cheaper and helps to economize during the wedding but it can never be compared to a Live Band. If you have your money, just go for Live Band because they give better entertainment and interaction that can make the wedding ceremony lively and keep everyone on his toes.